RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips 3.0mm

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Are you looking for grips that feel wonderfully soft on your hands, stick super well to the bar and no longer require chalk? Then these are the perfect grips for you.

What makes this grip different from the Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips?
The biggest difference is the thickness of the grip. The thickness is 3mm, making it the thickest grip we offer. Because of this, the grips also feel slightly stiffer. Because they are stiffer, making muscle ups is also slightly more pleasant. Your grip is less likely to fold double due to the thickness of the grip.

- Stick to coated and uncoated bars
- No more need for chalk
- Perfect for focusing entirely on technique
- Super soft
- One size
- Extra wide strap
- Developed for athletes of all levels
- Maintain focus through intense grip
- Stick to the bar with more confidence than ever

How long they last depends on several factors such as your weight, the volume you train and what kind of bar you train in. We recommend using the grips on an uncoated bar. Because of the incredible grip you have, the grips wear slightly faster than grips that have a smoother surface.

We offer a 60-day warranty on our sticky grips.

The RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips 3.0 feel like a second skin due to the super soft inside. The rough exterior of the grips makes you stick to the bar longer, so you can fully concentrate on your exercises.

Upgrade your workouts now with the RXpursuit Ultra Sticky Fingerless Grips 3.0.